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Action Screen Recorder Crack v4.38.1 + Activation Key [2024]

Action Screen Recorder Crack + Product Key

action screen recorder crack

Action Screen Recorder Crack enables real-time streaming and recording of Windows desktops with excellent HD video quality. With action! You can record and stream your gameplay, and web player videos, record music, capture screenshots, add webcams, microphone commentary, and more. Stock! is compact, elegant, and user-friendly. The built-in screen and game recording manager allows browsing, deleting selected items, and exporting recordings to popular formats and devices. Stock! Screen Recorder sets a new user experience standard for gaming benchmarking, gameplay, and Windows desktop real-time recording software.

Green screen mode Stock! gives you green screen mode. You can now crop the background of your video recording while recording with your webcam. You don’t need a special camera for this – all you need is Action Screen Recorder License Number and any solid color background, which is a much cheaper solution and gives the same, if not better, results. Select device recording mode to record videos from game consoles, other PCs, TV shows, webcams, or camcorders. Add your own logo, webcam, and microphone commentary and save a video to your local hard drive or live stream to popular services.

Try screen recording using the selected app’s recording option.
With this brand-new recording mode, you can record your Windows desktop screen in complete privacy! Record only the app you want others to see in your screen recording while the rest of your desktop screen is blacked out and unrecorded in your video. Exceptional screen and gameplay recording performance and GPU utilization enable the smoothest real-time HD gameplay recording ever! While gaming, view the game’s current and average frame rate (FPS) and save your benchmark results.

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Action Screen Recorder Crack Features

  • Outstanding screen recording performance!
    Stock! sets a new performance standard for desktop gaming and recording software.
  • It utilizes Mirillis proprietary ultra-fast and multi-core optimized video codec Fast Intra Video Compression Standard.
  • Which together with the highly optimized application engine delivers the ultimate performance in real-time HD video recordings.
  • Stock! Screen Recorder also records video directly to MP4 format using NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP, or Intel Quick Sync video hardware acceleration.
  • With a LIVE streaming service, youAction Screen Recorder Serial Number can stream all your games, videos, or desktop activities to popular streaming services like Twitch.
  • YouTube, Smashcast Hitbox, Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Aliez, and more!
  • With action! Screen Recorder Live Streaming is easy and fun!
  • Instantly save your best gaming moves to a file with just one hotkey!
  • Don’t miss any spectacular video game action with Time Lapse Recording!
  • Screen Recorder supports a variety of high-resolution video recordings, ranging from.
  • Screen recording for single display supported for AVI and MP4 file formats to over 8K supported for AVI file format.
  • AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision Configurations.
  • And install Action! Screen recorder with Intel RealSense technology support and add webcams.
  • To your screen and game recordings using the automatic background removal option!

More Features

  • Export your screen recordings and upload them to popular services and social networks like YouTube and Facebook.
  • offers predefined export profiles for YouTube and Facebook, just press a button.
  • To quickly and easily export your screen or gameplay recordings and automatically upload them to your favorite service.
  • Action sets a new standard for performance and user experience for real-time screen recording software.
  • Record smooth, high frame rate HD video of your Windows desktop.
  • And application activities, add microphone audio narration and easily create great tutorials Registration.
  • With action With screen recording mode active, you can record your videos continuously no matter how many times.
  • You switch from Windows desktop to full-screen gaming and vice versa.
  • All choose from many predefined Action Screen Recorder License Key profiles and press a button to export your screen recordings to popular formats, devices, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • Use fast, hardware-accelerated video export with NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP, or Intel Quick Sync video technologies.
  • Add a webcam to your screen or game recordings
    With action!
  • You can add webcam footage to all your gameplay and desktop recordings in real time!
  • Share more than just your gameplay or Windows screen video!
  • With action Webcam recording is easy, just select your webcam, set the position and size of the webcam video, and start recording!
  • Stock Screen Recorder introduces real-time FullHD 60p video recording directly to MP4  format with APP Quick Sync video acceleration.
  • Record your PC screen, Windows desktop, or gameplay directly in MP4 format and enjoy smooth videos and extremely small file size.

Action Screen Recorder Crack System Requirements

  • Monitor and control your screen or game recordings with free action! RCU app for Android.
  • Free action The RCU application allows you to follow and control your action.
  • Gameplay and screenshots with Android mobile devices! With action.
  • With the RCU app, you can check fps, start, stop, or pause your screen recordings, and much more.
  • Stand out with stunning gameplay and desktop images! Create high-quality smooth slow-motion effects with action.
  • 120fps recording option, make your game or screen recordings more fun and original! Support for Logitech multimedia keyboards.
  • Stock Screen Recorder brings the ultimate experience for PRO gamers with Logitech multimedia keyboards.
  • With action and Logitech keyboard LCD panel, you can monitor game or screenshot FPS, average FPS, screenshot time, free disk space, and more.
  • Everything is displayed with an Action Screen Recorder Keygen clean and elegant interface.
  • Record videos from websites and other apps in real time.
  • The screen recorder allows recording videos from a defined display area, a selected application window, or in full-screen mode.
  • With action! You can record videos from ANY web player, no matter what video service you use!
  • Capture Windows Screen and Game Screenshots
    With action!
  • Screen Recorder also allows you to capture multiple screenshots of your games or desktop.
  • Just press a hotkey and the screenshot will be saved directly to a file on your hard drive without interrupting your work or game.
  • Add live audio commentary to your screen and game recordings.

action-screen-recorder crack

What’s New Action Screen Recorder Crack

  • The recorder includes an extremely responsive internal video player, optimized for playback of AVI and MP4 screens and gameplay recordings.
  • Just double-click your screen or gameplay capture thumbnail on the action!
  • List to start playing! Record what you hear is more than a screen recorder.
  • It can record anything you hear on your PC.
  • The audio recording feature allows you to record all sounds, music, and game audio.
  • With the microphone, you can easily create podcasts Extra action!
  • can real-time encode audio records in M4A format, which makes recorded audio files small and compact?
  • Well, Facebook knows that too, which is in April Facebook launched a brand new, really cool feature called Facebook Live.
  • Simply put, Facebook Live allows Action Screen Recorder Serial Key users to stream real-time video from mobile.
  • Devices or computer cameras directly to their personal Facebook profile or Company Page news feed.
  • Since then, we’ve seen a veritable explosion of new live videos on Facebook.
  • Why has Facebook LIVE streaming gained such popularity?
  • The answer seems obvious; It’s simple, fast, flashy and it works! In view of the changes introduced by Facebook in May.
  • We have prepared a short article explaining all the innovations.
  • The broadcast to be clear, RTMPS streaming encrypts the stream between the client and server.
  • so you can be sure that your stream is reaching the correct recipient, in this case – Facebook CDN.

How to Install it?

  • Now, if we look at the above explanation, the reason for changing the protocol.
  • To the one that secures the connection seems like a good and necessary step to improve the security of the connection in the network.
  • So, whenever you plan to stream a professional video, highly confidential material.
  • Or just worry about your copyrights, using the encrypted connection is one of the ways to greatly improve the security of your video transmission.
  • However, there is still one thing you might want to know, namely:
  • Do I need to do anything to make my stream compatible with Facebook Live Streaming after the introduction?
  • Above all, make sure that the Action Screen Recorder Product Key streaming software you are using supports RTMPS live streaming.
  • If so, you can set up a successful Facebook stream in two different.
  • Ways: first, by using a Facebook stream key, and second, by logging into the software.
  • Account manager and streaming directly from the app. -by step we use.
  • Action! – the most reliable and easy-to-use software that is highly recommended when live streaming on Facebook.
  • Although the software may look quite compact at first glance.


It is actually a powerful tool that packs a wide range of impressive features for live streaming and video recording. The big advantage of Action! is the ease of use – you can start your first stream in just seconds! If you Action Screen Recorder Activation Key want to try it, click here. So, if you have the right software, a decent PC, and a good internet connection, you are now ready to start your first live stream.
The most convenient way to start your LIVE stream on Facebook is to register with the account manager of the software. Facebook Live Stream with Action and select the “LIVE” tab at the top.

Then click on the account manager and log in to your Facebook account. Next, change your streaming service to Facebook and click the “Live” button or press to start/stop your streaming. Don’t forget to adjust your privacy settings and give your feed a title. Stock Allows additional live audio commentary to be recorded during gameplay or desktop recording, making it easy to create tutorials and presentation videos. Microphone settings provide full control over microphone input volume and level of mixing with system sounds.


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