imageranger pro edition crack

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack v1.9.3.1860 + Serial Key [2023]

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack + Product Key

imageranger pro edition crack

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack you can index files on your NAS or USB drive and browse them later, even if your NAS is not connected or the USB drive is detached. You can quickly search, filter and sort your files. Learn how to set up and use File Index with automatic face recognition, keyword tags, file ratings, and more. Index files for a quick photo and video searches. Once your files are indexed, you can sort, filter, and search them on Mac or Windows. We assume that you can access your external storage through normal file system access. (In other words, you can browse your files using a system file explorer, whether on Windows or macOS.)

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When you open a folder with ImageRanger using the navigation panel on the left, the files in the selected folder and subfolders are displayed on the screen. These files are automatically indexed in the background, but only once for each file. Indeed, the software must collect a lot of information such as detected faces, shooting dates and locations, keywords, notes, etc. With large collections of files, the indexing process may take a little longer. The indexing progress is displayed on the screen. Although indexing only needs to be done once, there are settings you can use to adjust indexing performance to suit your needs.

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ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack Features

  • It is possible to disable facial recognition, configure multithreading for higher CPU usage, and more.
  • Unlike typical image and video management software, ImageRanger doesn’t require you to import or move your files.
  • The images you see on the screen will never be moved to another location unless you do so yourself.
  • Once files are indexed, all information is reused the next time the same folder is opened.
  • This means you can open your storage folder anytime after indexing and access quick sorting and filtering of all images on your storage drive.
  • What if the location of your files changes frequently?
  • For example, accessing the same thumb drive on two different computers and want to be able to quickly sort and filter images on both computers?
  • By default, the ImageRanger software creates index information on your local storage in a temporary folder.
  • Therefore, in the default configuration, quick Image sorting and filtering functionality are only available on a single computer.
  • To change the default, use the Options menu and set the distributed index location.
  • When distributed indexing is configured, ImageRanger Pro Edition Activation Key writes a small file to each folder to cache indexing information about images.
  • This allows indexing results to be reused on other computers without having to reindex.
  • Not just for media files ImageRanger helps you quickly find important files on different storage devices.
  • With built-in facial recognition and image analysis, it’s perfect for managing a large collection of files as quickly as possible.

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack System Requirements

  • Designed to quickly show you hundreds of thousands of images and videos.
  • When you open a folder, ImageRanger creates an internal index to speed up file searches.
  • Visit the indexed folder anytime later for super-fast browsing of your images.
  • When the files are indexed, you can disconnect your USB storage drive or network storage.
  • ImageRanger allows you to browse your files without accessing their original location.
  • Categorize files on your storage drive Load images, videos, and documents from multiple folders.
  • Quickly sort by resolution, face count, date is taken, rating, and more. Manual Control: Create Custom Slideshows.
  • Manually set recording location and time ImageRanger Pro Edition Product Key Save and restore manually curated image collections.
  • Create, save, and reuse complex search rules Search images by brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Fast file management for NAS and USB sticks with distributed indexing.
  • The AI-based facial recognition engine runs on your computer.
  • Easily tag your friends and family members to ensure easy access to those photos again.
  • Facial recognition features help you quickly find new photos with people you know Manually tag people.

imageranger pro edition crack

What’s New ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack

  • Most functions can be performed on multiple images at the same time. You don’t have to open each file individually.
  • Full-screen slideshows, zoom support.
  • With the auto-enhance feature, you can automatically improve the quality of your images.
  • Combine search rules to apply specific actions. ImageRanger Pro supports a variety of image data formats.
  • Including RAW files for Nikon, Canon, and Fuji cameras.
  • It’s also easy to rate single or multiple photos, convert RAW image files, assign keyword tags, and view image metadata.
  •  ImageRanger Pro Edition Serial Key can also import your images to specific locations and place them in organized folders filtered by date, time, or capture location.
  • You can search entire storage drives, include or exclude subfolders, and manually sort images in any custom order.
  • ImageRanger does not create or lock users in an internal database.
  • Unlike some other photo editing programs, your photos are not automatically moved.
  • The search function is particularly useful because it can combine multiple criteria, allowing you to perform more complex searches.
  • With the search function, you can easily find scanned documents and photos of good or bad quality.

How to Install it?

  • For a more precise search, you can easily set additional GPS location requirements, e.g. B.
  • Proximity to custom map coordinates.
  • Finally, the user interface can be adapted to your personal taste and thus ensures a more pleasant user experience overall.
  • This document is a legal agreement between traders and companies within the meaning of § 14 BGB.
  • And XtSense GmbH (“we”) regarding Your use of ImageRanger software (“Software”) made available.
  • By us on a subscription basis or perpetually in machine code, and all subsequent.
  • Software releases and updates are made available by us during the term of ‘the subscription.
  • You are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use one copy of the.
  • Software for your own business or personal use on up to 2 computers, workstations, or virtual desktop systems that you own, lease, or otherwise control.
  • You agree not to assign, sublicense, transfer, pledge, rent, rent, or share your rights under this ImageRanger Pro Edition License Key Agreement.
  • After loading the software, you can keep the software for backup purposes.
  • Such copies of the Software shall contain the Licensor’s copyright and other proprietary notices.
  • Any other use of the software, including translating, editing, and creating adaptations, requires our written consent.


The original source code of the software is not subject to this license grant. All media, documentation, and related electronic and physical materials provided by us to you in connection with the Software are governed by this Agreement. You may not, directly or indirectly: Assign, transfer, sublicense, rent, pledge or share any of your rights under this Agreement. Implement or use any method to circumvent any use of protection ImageRanger Pro Edition Keygen measures in the software. You acknowledge that the Software contains proprietary and confidential materials algorithms, resources, and names that are protected by German copyright and other laws and treaties. The copyright notices, trademarks, legal reserves, serial numbers, and other characteristics of the software used to identify the program must not be altered or made illegible.

Reservation of rights You acknowledge that we own the intellectual property rights in the Software. This Agreement grants no right or title to the Software other than the limited license. We reserve ownership of all copies of the Software and all rights not expressly granted by this License. Software upgrades We may – but are not obligated to – create new versions and update the software during the subscription period. We can impose Except as permitted in this paragraph, neither you nor anyone under your authority or control may make copies of the software program or any part of it. The built-in image search engine checks all image metadata information to collect important and useful information such as recording time, location, etc.


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