iMazing Crack v2.17.15 + Activation Key [2024]

iMazing Crack + Product Key

imazing crack

iMazing Crack gets trusted software to transfer and store your music, messages, files, and data. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Powerful and easy to use, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC. Get full control of your iOS device. Get iMazing. Easily export text messages and attachments from your iPhone to your computer. Or just transfer them to a new phone. Record or print your conversations and prove your point in court. Access your iPhone messages from your PC or Mac. iMazing can search and save all SMS, MMS, and iMessage chats, including Message Status Sent.

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Prove your point with your messages. Whether it’s a business matter or a legal matter, iMazing Keygen lets you print important chats from your iPhone or even restore them from a backup. Print options include: Paper size US Legal, Executive Scaling, margins, and alignment Page numbers and timestamps Save all photos, videos, voice recordings, or contact cards exchanged during your conversations. Export them to your computer in bulk with just one click. You can also drag and drop a single attachment to your desktop.

iMazing offers several export options: transfer all your messages when you change phones. Connect old and new phones and follow our wizard. The magic touch of iMazing takes care of everything. It is also for WhatsApp messages thanks to our exclusive application transfer solution. Never a single message again. Thanks to our new complete backup solution, all your conversations are stored on your computer. You then have the freedom to free up space on your phone and delete unwanted messages. And if you accidentally delete an important reminder, you’ll always have a copy at home.

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iMazing Crack Features

  • The software converted all my videos to BAD QUALITY. I was able to reproduce the error several times on my computer.
  • I even captured my screen and sent it to the company.
  • They didn’t care.
    The CEO Jerome didn’t even want to help me refund the price of my license or anything else.
  • His only concern is money, he doesn’t care much iMazing Serial Number about user experience. It is very frustrating.
  • DigiDNA is an independent software developer founded in 2008 as DigiDNA Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • From this quiet town near the snow-capped Alps, we write software with the pride and precision you expect from Swiss craftsmen.
  • Our desktop software DiskAid was the very first iOS file transfer tool.
  • It quickly became a reference loved by millions of people.
  • In 2014, we renamed our flagship “iMazing” to better reflect the iOS management powerhouse it has become.
  • I had just upgraded to a new MacBook and found that I no longer had full access to iMazing.
  • I contacted the support team and received an immediate response from them, followed by a quick reset of my activation code, which fixed the issue.
  • Excellent service! In my opinion, iMazing is an invaluable tool for iPhone and iPad backup.
  • In addition, the support team can be reached quickly and is very competent.

More Features

  • Wouldn’t be without it. You really have no control over your Apple device until you have iMazing.
  • The features and options and exhibits are outstanding.
  • I originally purchased iMazing to keep a clean and detailed log of text messages for a court case I was in.
  • It wouldn’t be unfair to say that he saved the day in this regard and should be part of every lawyer’s arsenal.
  • But over time I’ve found so much more use for it and now it’s a must-have convenience.
  • Your iOS device can store thousands of messages, ranging from fond memories and photos to important information iMazing License Key your lawyer might use in a court case.
  • We recently introduced iMazing 2.16, which offers full compatibility with iOS/iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura.
  • As well as support for the latest Apple iPhone and iPad models.
  • Additionally, we’ve added a new method of accessing data on your iOS or iPadOS device that doesn’t require a full device backup.
  • Which iMazing has traditionally relied on?
  • We named this feature “Data Access Only” because it cannot be used as a backup (although it still uses Apple’s iOS backup protocol).
  • It saves disk space, making it possible to use iMazing on Macs or PCs that have less disk space available than the device they’re trying to access.
  • It’s useful for corporate help desks, cell phone repair shops, and other cases where a full device backup is unnecessary or unnecessary.
  • From one device to another, the space savings mainly depend on the amount of media inside.
  • In our examples, the difference in disk space required between “Data Access Only” and “Full Backup” was between 40% and 90%.

iMazing Crack System Requirements

  • The first time you connect a device and access a record that does not contain local data, iMazing will ask you to choose between these two options.
  • iMazing supports Apple’s new Modified Messages feature introduced in iOS 16, iPadOS 16.1, and macOS Ventura.
  • With iOS and iPadOS Apple introduced a new security feature that requires a device password prompt to initiate a backup.
  • Both iMazing and iMazing Serial Key Mini support this prompt, which currently cannot be bypassed.
  • iMazing includes the improvements we added in the recent iMazing
  • Converter including support for converting HEVC videos to MPEG-4.
  • You can adjust the conversion settings in the Photos section of iMazing Preferences.
  • Also new: With iMazing 2.16, you can download photos and videos from iCloud.
  • If a photo or video is stored in iCloud and not locally on the device, iMazing will prompt you to sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID to download it.
  • Your Apple ID and password are only used to sign in to Apple servers and remain protected in your macOS keychain or Windows credentials.
  • Learn more about the importance we place on security and privacy.
  • If you change the device backup location in the device options.


What’s New iMazing Crack

  • iMazing will now ask you if you want to copy the backup and all of its archives to the new location if there is no backup at that location.
  • Sidebar Context Menu: You can now detach a backup from their device using Move Backup to Old Backups.
  • Useful if you want to start a new backup while keeping the old backup accessible.
  • Sidebar context menu: With Delete backup archives and Keep only the latest backup, you can delete all archives of a backup and keep only the latest backup.
  • Reduces the size of a backup if you don’t need to keep previous versions.
  • Settings General: A new option Automatically open the operations popup when an operation is launched has been added.
  • Enabled by default Settings/General: new Clear cache when quitting the iMazing Product Key option.
  • Settings Devices: New option Delete devices and pairing records when exiting iMazing.
  • Erase All Content: Two new options: Preserve eSIM Data Erases all data and settings on a device while preserving eSIM data.
  • Prevent Proximity Setup from retrieving the list of apps purchased through purchase in volume.

How to Install it?

  • We are committed to helping users and businesses get the most out of Apple’s mobile ecosystem by providing efficient, innovative, and secure solutions.
  • Our posts focus on managing iOS devices, backing up, and transferring data.
  • We strive to expand the Apple ecosystem while upholding Apple’s core values of simplicity, security, and privacy.
  • We care about our planet and everyone who lives on it.
  • Our flagship iMazing Activation Key solution works seamlessly on older hardware and is compatible with it.
  • Apple mobile devices dating back to the iPod classic, dramatically extend the life of older devices.
  • We also recognize that we can do more.
  • Since, we donate more than 3% of our net profits to a socially responsible and politically neutral NGO, OneAction.
  • Our products proudly carry the Swiss label.
  • This underlines our promise of quality and guarantees that our products are made in Switzerland.
  • Our solutions are designed for development and innovation.
  • Not only do we adapt to our ever-changing environment, but we go the extra mile and anticipate.


We believe we can improve what we do by constantly listening to feedback from our users. We also have opinions and share them on our blog. The iOS 15 developer beta is out and, based on our early testing. It’s one of the most stable iOS major betas we’ve seen. The public beta is probably only available in a few weeks, and you might be considering installing it on a personal device. This articleIt’s no secret that the iPhone has iMazing Crack revolutionized the photography industry over the years. Apple goes to great lengths to stay at the forefront of the smart photography game, bringing new hardware and software features to its flagship iPhone models every day. Apple’s move to its own custom ARM-based chips in the Mac lineup has begun, and it’s definitely something to get excited about.

We only collect personal information that is reasonable, relevant, and limited to what is necessary to provide the best service to customers. Additionally, we do not store or process any personally identifiable information directly. But rather work with reputable third parties with strict ethics who help us deliver our services in a way that respects our users’ data and privacy. The personal information we have access to is necessary for us to provide effective customer support. License management, dispute resolution (refunds), as well as timely information about the purchased product. This data mainly includes name, email address, purchase type and date, license type and activation dates, and communication with our support team.


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